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Mastering the Art of Self Promotion Via Marketing


You’ve likely seen it on your own feed: Instagram ads promising $10,000 per month, or those who are constantly talking about themselves on LinkedIn. Or the iconic influencer. These are all examples of self-promotion by marketing, and although they can be annoying, they are effective when done right.

Self-promotion is important as it helps to raise awareness about your talents and capabilities, which can attract opportunities that can aid you in advancing your career or even switch careers. It also lets you showcase your accomplishments to other people, who’s assistance you might need in the near future. Without it, you risk being a victim of the work of others and not allowing opportunities to be considered.

However, it can be difficult to master the art of self promotion because it’s sometimes difficult to determine how much is too much or when you may be perceived as a braggart. Numerous studies have proven that bragging can make others feel envious and annoyed, and it can lead to negative performance reviews.

Self-promotion that is constructive on the other it is about demonstrating your unique value proposition to those around you. It focuses on showing people what you are good at and how you can do it better and how your talents will solve their issues. Many find this a daunting task, especially those who have impostor syndrome and aren’t comfortable talking about their accomplishments. However, learning to master the art of self-promotion may lead to more opportunities and a longer-lasting career in the workplace.

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