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Lets Face It If Finnish PM Were a Man, No One Would Care She Parties by Katie Jgln The Noösphere

Considering these measures, it seems that the Government wants to shed light on the issue of domestic and intimate partner violence, its different forms, and train officials to better understand and confront it. Efforts are also directed at helping both the victims and the perpetrators. Needless to say, a lot remains to be done in preventing domestic and intimate partner violence in Finland. Finland is often in the news when it comes to gender equality and wellbeing.

I have never seen so many white people in all my living days. It was very very weird for me not to see a person of African or Asian or even Indian heritage.

  • The normal finnish women is a woman who works fulltime job, take cares of kids, cooks, cleans and does about everything in the house.
  • Finland is a great country in many many things.
  • It does not come naturally and you do not do it with strangers or when you do not have to.
  • Of course, what Finns often forget is that their sleek, light brown or blonde hair and bright blue eyes are sought-after looks in many other countries.

But as a Norwegian living in Finland I got to say you’re wrong about one thing; A Norwegian visiting Finland is like a human being visiting another planet. To share silence is very Finnish and not something a Norwegian would do. If we’re with something we will look for something positive to say or something to lighten the mood, and in Finland you’re often just hit with a seemingly emotional wall. I mean, this is a country where people either wait for the next one or take the stairs if their neighbor is about to take the elevator. This is a country where you can say hello to a colleague from work outside of work, and they say nothing back.

The best Scandinavian Christmas tree decorations and ornaments

I would change the title of this blog https://fracturedstate.net/scandinavian-women-stereotypes/finnish-women-stereotypes/ post for that reason alone. Visiting Finland was indeed a culture shock. I was in awe at how different things are in Finland as compared to South Africa. Things are clean, well maintained and always on time. The beauty of the region and the people is breathtaking.

Haha yeah this post definitely wasn’t meant for Finns, and yet I think most of the people who have read it are Finnish! The same thing often happens when I write about Norway – Norwegians really like to read about themselves. One thing common in all Nordic countries is that American cars are huge thing and subculture in all of them. I guess in addition to Nordics such an active “hot rodding” and classic American car scene is found in Japan and Australia but not so much in elsewhere in Europe or Asia ..or Africa.

Finnish facial features and physical features in Finland

I am an old dutch man of 83, with a long visitors experience of northern Finland, as well as Sweden en Norway. 3) Foreigners are treated bad when they have different look or skin colors, hidden racism but easier to notice. Correction, one of the worst countries in Europe for following reasons.

Finns have a great and wry sense of humor. Being so serious, generally, it’s easy to say something and folks take it as being true, though it really tongue in cheek. I must say that you can find always find something negative or weird of a specific country if you really tried, but most of those things sounded negative because you didn’t tell the explanation to them. For example, the ‘sport’, wife carrying, sounds very weird when you just tell the weird sides of it and not the EXPLANATION. Because wife carrying is NOT supposed to be taken seriously. So most of these things may give a wrong kind of image of Finland.

As for Finland’s educational benefits for students, Finnish schools offer state-funded schooling which makes it easier for women and men to go to work after being on parental leave. Women represent 32% of students studying in mathematics and computer science.

I find it very positive to see that many young people in Finland are more open to new ideas and having more courage to brake some tabus. It is been seen more and more around the world, thanks to the Internet. Very much love to everyone, where ever you may live and welcome to Finland even though I may not speak to you very much because of my social anxiety .

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