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How to Take a Good Profile Photo for Dating Apps

If you’re blonde, post a picture where you’re the only blonde person in the frame, for example. It’s tempting to use selfies, and there’s a lot of conflicting research on this topic alone. If you want to include a selfie, do so sparingly. EHarmony reiterates that, while a decent profile photo may start a conversation, a good personality that leads to genuine connections is more important.

  • A person that doesn’t smile is thought of as untrustworthy and aggressive.
  • The boundaries don’t exist, but posting a bright and sharp high-quality picture is still the best way to do it.
  • If you end up uploading your pet as a tinder profile picture, chances that you will match with someone are less than 1%.
  • Not only will it highlight imperfections, but it can also make you look older … and not in a good way.

If you can set up your phone or camera nicely to take really good photos, then go for it – just make sure the lighting and contrast are on point. I believe you are quite eager to start calling your friends to help you out with your photo session and to give you their feedback on the photos you are about to use as Tinder pics. Once you read all of the tips and tricks on how to take perfect Tinder photos and how to sort them, you are ready to start confidently swiping. Like I already wrote – photos you choose for Tinder that are not high quality are usually grainy or pixeled when uploaded to your profile.

Guys, so we all know that you want to increase your chances of hooking up on Tinder by showing your abs and muscly chests. Statistics show that your chances of being swiped right decrease by 12% if you are wearing a hat, and by even 15% if you have your sunglasses on. They will probably think that you are immature, hiding your boldness, and whatnot, depending on the shape of a hat you are wearing on your Tinder pic. Girls will also want to see a guy’s haircut, his full appearance, the shape of his head, and so on, so hats are a no-go for sure.

If you want to know what picture causes what kind of reaction from people that are looking at it, now you can easily do it and find out. Facing the camera improves your chances by 18% because it gives a clear and sharp insight into your face and a part of your body that was captured with it. You could read about why are good Tinder photos so important at the beginning of this article. You should try to smile genuinely while being photographed, with those tiny wrinkles around your eyes. If your Tinder pics are too serious, www.bestlatinwomen.com no one will think that you enjoy having fun or chitchatting. If you upload photos that are of low quality, or actually any kind of quality that does not show your face well is automatically a bummer for you. Guys who try too hard to have their photos perfect seem pathetic and desperate to find someone.

Step 3: Use your timer to take pictures

You can always set a self timer and snap a pic of yourself. The key is getting a background that doesn’t look like you are taking a self-timer photo. Also ask other people to take your photo when you’re out. We’ve helped hundreds of students find a girlfriend, wife, or life companion — and we can help you too. But even after you have bomb photos, the matches won’t necessarily come rolling in. Apart from looking a bit contrived, this photo typifies the GQ Tinder pic that every guy should have in his roster of photos. Smiles all around, physical contact with women -clearly good times are being had.

How to Edit Photos on iPhone

At the same time, most apps don’t have a minimum. These are great tips, particularly if you have other people around you, live in great locations, or spend a lot of time outdoors, in social settings and what not. Not everyone has those options, so this is for you. Don’t fall for the tryhard-trap by posting too many pictures. If your Tinder picture show her that you’re just like everyone else, then it’s a bad picture. We noticed that black and white photography can make you look more attractive until you figured out a way to optimize your skin.

This is something I do for all my clients on a photoshoot and in this article I’ll share how you can do it for yourself with either your cellphone or a good camera if you have one. Discovering the correct dating site/app increases your odds of meeting someone online by 73% based on a 2021 survey. In general, girls want a picture that will tell them in a nutshell – who you are and what you like.

Using sunglasses is ok for 1 photo max in a profile of 4-6 photos but more than that can be seen as a sign of hiding, insecurity or lack of awareness. Not every photo has to have perfect lighting but it helps to have good lighting to reduce oily skin, red marks on your face and squinting. I will help you understand and leverage education, personality, ethnicity, lifestyle choices such as religion, politics, education, family planning. Apps like Tinder allow for 9 photos, Match up to 26 photos – this is overkill.

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